SUNIA GEEL 2: “State of the Art Report” on domestic violence presented

On May 22nd 2014, in the framework of the SUNIA GEEL 2 project, an international conference on domestic violence was held in Dublin. In this occasion, CESIE presented a “State of the Art Report”, which was the outcome of a research and analysis work carried out over the first year of the project and includes data and information on the delicate and, unfortunately, topical issue of domestic violence.

The report is made up of three sections:

EU framework, providing an overview of the main regulations and political measures on domestic violence in force at European level;

Cross cultural comparison, a comparative analysis of the regulations and policies implemented in the project partner countries (Ireland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Romania) on the matter;

Service User Need Assessment Analysis Report, a summary of the results issued from the questionnaire administered to users of first aid centres for victims of violence belonging to project target groups (migrant Muslims, Roma and Sinti, Irish travellers).

Finally, partners’ national reports are attached to the document, including an in-depth review of regulations, political measures and assistance services for victims of violence currently available in the project’s partner countries.

The “State of the Art Report” will soon be available for download on the project website and on CESIE digital library

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