Stuttgart Migrant Women Group joins Sunia Geel 2

The Stuttgart Migrant Women Working Group met May 14th, 2013. The group has more than 30 members from all relevant groups and associations. All delegates were extremely happy with the outcome of the Sunia Geel 1 final conference held in Stuttgart end of January 2013. The conference offered direct access to other social service providers in Europe and was an excellent platform for professional exchange. The Migrant Women Working Group agreed upon to enhance the exchange with other European cities in order to fight and prevent domestic violence. The group also agreed upon to fully participate in Sunia Geel 2. Participants will pilot Sunia Geel 2 working materials with their target groups and clients.

Special attention will be given on the work with women and children as well as young adults from socially marginalized groups. Sunia Geel 2 will be discussed again during the next meeting of the group after the summer break.

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