Sunia Geel 2 questionnaires ready for interviews

An essential element of Sunia Geel 2 is to know more about the needs of social service users. Thus questionnaires were developed to learn more about these needs.

Needs assessment is a complex process that involves the analysis and the examination of a wide range of issues and elements. The questionnaire has been developed in order to make these interviews possible and systematic. In addition, an interview guide was designed as a complimentary material with the aim of facilitating the questionnaire completion process. This guide contains particular information as well as detailed instructions in reference to every set of thematic units/parts of the Questionnaire.

This Questionnaire contains closed questions, so as to facilitate the process of analysis. There are specific options offered for every answer. The answers are either the typical “Yes or No” or Likert scale, ranging from 1 to 5. More specifically there are the following options:

(1) Strongly disagree
 (2) Tend to disagree
(3) Neither agree nor disagree
(4) Tend to agree
(5) Strongly Agree

Each participant reads the question and rates his/her answer according to his/her opinion. Moreover Likert types of questions allow for a better understanding of a person’s attitude about an issue, offering all elements of this attitude, i.e., affective (a person’s feelings), cognitive (a person’s beliefs or knowledge), behavioral (a person’s inclination to act towards a given situation).

In addition, there is the option of “other, please specify” where a respondent could write the answer in case the given options do not offer one. It is important to inform him/her that the answer should be short, i.e., one brief sentence or some “key words”, so as to avoid the problem of analysis. Moreover it is noted that there are questions in which more than one option could be picked. First outcome and results of the questionnaire will be available as of fall 2013.

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