New pathways towards help? Sunia Geel 2 needs analysis poll

Stuttgart offers a huge network of social service institutions to support women, men, couples and families facing domestic violence. In most cases women seek help. Often these women are victims of domestic violence. But often it is difficult to take this famous first step towards help and support. Many victims wish to protect their families, they feel ashamed of their private situation, and in some cases they even with protect their perpetrator. For migrant women this first step towards help is even more difficult. Often they do not know about suitable institutions and social service providers. It takes them much longer to find the right person to talk to.

More than 60 migrant women have been participating in a survey between mid-July and end of August / beginning of September. They were asked to complete anonymous questionnaires. They were asked how they learnt about a specific social service provider, what obstacles they might have encountered and how positive the help was for them.

The survey intends to identify the needs of migrant women seeking help and assistance from social service providers in cases of domestic violence.

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