Domestic Violence Committee at Exchange House

The Domestic Violence Committee has been set up as part of the Sunia Geel 2 project in Exchange House. We will meet every two months to discuss the project plans and actions.

The Sunia Geel 2 Domestic Violence Committee met on the 16th April. Meetings will be held bimonthly for the duration of the SG2 project. The committee is made up of Social Workers and Family Support Workers. This meeting gave the Family Support Team an opportunity to focus and discuss the aspects of the project and especially the deliverables and how best they’d fit and complement work already being done. The country specific literature reviews, focusing on domestic violence, will inform the framework and target areas for other deliverables including group work with couples, men etc. An electronic copy from each partner country will be sent to CESI later this month.  An exciting new aspect of this project will be working with men and the training of women as peer supports within the community.


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