Peer Support Training

During the month of May, Exchange House has been busy working on the Sunia Geel 2 project. Peer Support Training packs for women have been developed and are being finalised before implementation.


CESI have provided the questionnaires for service users along with an interview guide. These questionnaires will be conducted with service users between now and August 2013 in order to gather information from all partner countries which will then help to inform the direction of SG2. On 29th May, Social Workers from the Family Support Team attended the Barnardos “What About Me” conference. This focused on prioritising children in family breakdown proceedings. Social Workers attended a master class on separation and domestic violence. This was facilitated by Helen Mortimer, Director of Mayo Children’s Initiative. While we were familiar with the research, it was good to be reminded of the impact of domestic violence on children. As with Sunia Geel 1, an on-going focus of this project will be work with children and young people.


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