Sunia Geel 2 Project started

Sunia Geel 2 Project to prevent Domestic violence is started in Austria

This following project Sunia Geel (March 2011 till February 2013) enables us to continue our engagement in supporting women and children affected by domestic violence.

“Sunia Geel” derives from the Irish Traveller language, Cant. It translates “take care of yourself”, and is viewed as an apt name for what Sunia Geel 2 aims to achieve: families being valued and supported.

The goal of this project is to provide a framework to reduce violence against women and children of marginalised ethnic communities and ensure that their needs for support and safety are met.

The Project will provide an increased understanding of the needs for the service users, thus creating the possibility of an improved response. Women and children shall be empowered by increasing their skills to promote a change within their environment and to uphold their rights.

The “Kick-off-Meeting” with the project partners from Ireland, Rumania, Germany and Italy took place in Bucharest from the 1st of March to 3rd 2013.


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