SUNIA GEEL 2: the community seminars to promote the Domestic Violence Response Programme are underway

In the framework of the project  SUNIA GEEL 2 (, co-funded by the European Daphne III programme, some community seminars are taking placeto promote the Domestic Violence Response Programme. This programme will be implemented through a series of workshops, starting from January 2014. It aims at raising awareness about the phenomenon of Domestic Violence and to provide supportand guidance to women and young people who arevictims and/or at risk of violence.

The ongoing seminars are introducing the Programme to women and young people with a Muslim background, which are the target group of the project. Furthermore,during these meetings, the participants are provided with statistic data and information about the different shapes through which domestic violence can occur, in order to raise the awareness about this phenomenon.

The interest showed by the participants during these meetings is very significant. This represents a further demonstration of the importance of discussing and promoting active interventions about that issue.

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