Prevention of Domestic Violence – Training for women, children, couples and men – 2nd transnational meeting of partners held in Palermo, Italy, 4-7 October 2013


Domestic violence affects one out of four couples in Europe. The Sunia Geel 2 consortium interviewed 300 women affected by domestic violence and asked for their preferences has been developing information packages and training courses for stakeholders, individuals and couples affected by domestic violence. These materials will be piloted with primary and secondary project target goups, refined and evaluated till October 2014.

Workshops sessions will be held in all partner countries with community agencies and service providers to facilitate skills sharing, leadership development and technical assistance. In addition, alliances and communication will be established wish refugees and third country immigrants. Meetings and training sessions will also be offered for men as role models in order to overcome and prevent domestic violence. Partners will also provide pre-martial domestic violence awareness workshops for young couples.

For women and children facing domestic violence Sunia Geel 2 developed training courses in order to assist victims to find support, counseling and individual assistance. The courses will eventually lead towards a response programme for women. A graphic novel and a DVD will be produced and up to 300 women in Europe will participate in target group specific meeting in all partner countries.

Sunia Geel 2 developed tools to train migrant women, Muslim women and Traveller women as peer supporters in order to support local and regional stakeholders, service providers and political decision makers to raise awareness towards domestic violence and to prevent violence within families and couples.

The second Sunia Geel 2 transnational meeting of partners was held October 4-7, 2013 in Palermo, Italy, and hosted by Italian partner CESIE.

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