Adventure meeting in Palermo – Sunia Geel 2 transnational meeting between floods and thunderstorms

Participants of Sunia Geel 2’s second transnational partner meeting in Palermo, Italy, were taken by surprise when street and sidewalks turned into roaring rivers after a heavy thunderstorm pouring down on Palermo during the second day of the meeting. After a lunch break participants had to evacuated out of a restaurant, had to take of shoes and socks and had to wade through double-ankle-deep floods in order to get back to the conference room.

During the days of the meeting the region of Palermo and parts of southern Italy had severe thunderstorm warnings. The heavy rainfall on the second day of the Sunia Geel 2 meeting was one of the most extreme weather situations in Sicily for the last ten years.

Sunia Geel 2 participants took the situation with great humor. Everyone got back to the conference room safe and sound and people had time to try the feet and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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