Public relations expert supports Sunia Geel 2 in Germany

Christine Sikora, IT expert and communication professional at Remscheid Academy, selected Sunia Geel 2 for her field research on communicative reach out to young people. She will consult Sunia Geel 2 on how to communicate with youth and young adults on delicate subjects such as domestic violence. In a first meeting with German partner IEIE in Stuttgart, she pointed out the relevance of speaking the “right language” and of using the “correct idioms” when addressing young people.


The project aims to train youth role models on prevention of domestic violence. Young men and women will be trained to act as peer group multipliers on issues related to domestic violence. They will learn how to assist other young people who may face domestic violence or who may even be victims of DV. Young people will learn to be more sensitive towards issues related to domestic violence. The young peer multipliers will have various ethnic and religious backgrounds.


Sikora will start in January 2014 to accompany Sunia Geel 2 in Germany at schools. She will also be active during the preparatory and production phase of a youth DVD on domestic violence which will later on serve as a learning and sensitization tool.


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