Sunia Geel 2 Domestic Violence Committee Meeting & Agency Workshops

The Sunia 2 Domestic Violence Committee met on the 6th December to discuss project implementation. Agency workshops are going well and this was a focus of the meeting. 


As part of Sunia Geel 2 we seek to provide knowledge, mentorship, emotional support and expertise to agencies dealing with traumatic domestic violence cases. We also act as an educational and informative resource for community groups and organisations. The Sunia Geel 2 Domestic Violence Committee met on 6th December. A focus of this meeting was the agency workshops that we are running. We discussed what agencies we will deliver workshops to and set out the timeline for these events to take place.

The workshops will run until October 2014. During this time we aim to reach at least twenty separate agencies working in the area of domestic violence. The community agencies will be kept up to date with new developments and training opportunities.

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