SUNIA GEEL 2: the Domestic Violence Response Programme for women is under way

SUNIA GEEL 2, a project aiming to contribute to the reduction of domestic violence against women and young people with Roma, Muslim and nomadic background, is entering its crucial phase.

The Domestic Violence Response Programme has indeed been opened, and will involve 50 Muslim women overall in 10 meetings. During these meetings, the women involved will be encouraged to share their reflections and experience, if any, related to the issue of domestic violence. This will happen using art methodologies (like painting, collage, small handicrafts, etc.). The use of “non verbal” tools allows to address this issue avoiding the limits arising from possible language hurdles and leaving the participants free to express their feelings and reflections on such a sensitive topic as domestic violence.

The products elaborated during each meeting will be displayed in an exhibition that will be set up in a later stage of the project.


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