Kick-off for DV information for young people in Zuffenhausen

In Stuttgart Sunia Geel 2 started to work with a group of young people on a theatre play which intends to inform teenagers about the causes and hidden signs of domestic violence and violence in families. The work takes place in Zuffenhausen, a city district in the north of Stuttgart. The focus is on education, information and prevention of domestic violence. The young people will work with an experienced dramatic arts expert. The topic of domestic violence has to be freed from the “taboo-corner”. Young people will learn about counseling facilities and urban services where they can get help. The strategy will be supported by peer-educators or peer-agents, teenagers with a special knowledge of domestic violence. Within the framework of Sunia Geel 2, these young people have been receiving a special training in which they learn how to pay attention to signs of domestic violence and how to discreetly address those who might be affected by DV. The program addressed young people of all social classes and from all regions of origin. Cultural- and religious-sensitive information will be particularly aimed at young people from migrant families who need help.

In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen over 60 percent of all adolescents have a migration background. In Stuttgart-Neugereut, the district where Sunia Geel 2 peer-agents have been trained, 70 percent of all young people are migrants.

The theatre play, which is being developed in Zuffenhausen, will be filmed. A DVD will be available as of May 2014.

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