Reach out to communities and neighborhoods for DV prevention

Information and thus better knowledge about domestic violence may help to prevent violent outbreaks in families or within a relationship of two people. In order to reach out to families Sunia Geel 2 tries to address families where they live: in their neighborhoods and urban communities. For this reason, Sunia Geel 2 in Stuttgart will work directly in city neighborhoods. There, women and children, men and boys can be directly reached regardless of race, income, educational or professional background. Within the framework of Sunia Geel 2, multipliers have been specifically trained to explore best practice methods to reach out to these direct target groups.


A large-scale meeting for multipliers, representatives of the local community work, social workers as well as local experts in was held at Stuttgart-Rot community center. Stuttgart-Rot is a city district with a very high number of migrant families. Sunia Geel 2 has been training your people as peer-agents in order to inform others about DV and about possible ways to gain help. Young people and representatives of ethnic communities will be empowered and sensitized to better deal with domestic violence and to help to prevent new cases. Young people will also learn alternative ways for violence-free conflict resolution. This will also help them at a later stage of life to keep their private relationships free of violence.
Sunia Geel 2 has developed a network of stakeholders, key actors and institutions such as schools, daycare centers, open and mobile youth work, religious and cultural centers, clubs, neighborhood councils, local politics, local media, sporting clubs, kindergartens and local libraries. They all received training and information about domestic violence and explored pathways leading towards help and sustainable prevention.
Further involved in this strategy are district directors, the city commissioner for equal opportunities, the child protection centre, the counseling centre for the prevention of violence, the police headquarters in Stuttgart, FrauenFanal, the youth welfare office, youth clubs, community schools, social associations and immigrant groups.

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