Sunia Geel 2 – Teenagers as peer role models for prevention of domestic violence

In Stuttgart, young people at Jörg-Ratgeb-Schule are trained as peer consultants for help in cases of domestic violence in families. The training is part of the Sunia Geel 2 programme. They will be able to help fellow classmates when they need help or support. A group of five teenagers serves as contact persons. The young people have phone numbers and contact data of institutions to which individuals may apply confidentially.

Very often young people fear to talk about problems related to domestic violence in their families. Young peers from the same age groups are easier to access and easier to contact – especially when it is known that these young people are trained to offer help and reference in cases of domestic violence.

After first preparatory meetings in March, various training programs will take place in April to train the young participants.

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