Sunia Geel 2 Graphic Novel combines art, therapy and information

The Sunia Geel 2 Graphic Novel will be available as of late September 2014. During their third transnational meeting of partners in Dublin from 19-21 May, the SG2 consortiums members agreed upon an editorial structure, preliminary layout and narrative content. Art therapists, social workers and artists were working with female victims of domestic violence in all five partner countries. A central tool during these meetings, were artistic-creative instruments which cleared pathways for victims to reflect upon their painful and degrading experience. For many participants it was the first time that they were given a chance to open up in a protected environment. In all five SG2 partner countries the women created small sculptures, painting or graphic works. A selection of these will be included in the Sunia Geel 2 Graphic Novel to narrate upon the life stories of victims of domestic violence. In addition, there will be an introduction on the numbers of victims of domestic violence in Europe today and recommendations on how victims can be supported and how domestic violence could be prevented. Sunia Geel’s 2 Graphic Novel will present an emotionally touching narrative to help to get domestic violence out of the taboo area of public debate and to inform the general public and decision makers about steps to be taken in order to prevent and reduce cases of domestic violence in Europe.


Competence of police forces relevant in cases of first-contact with victims of domestic violence in Europe – Cooperation between Stuttgart and Dublin 

In many cases police professionals have the first contact to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence or violence within a relationship. The professional qualification of these police men and police women is essential for the successful help and protection of victims and children and legal measures against a perpetrator. Sunia Geel’s German partners presented the work of the police in Stuttgart during SG2’s Irish Regional Conference at Dublin City Hall on May 22, 2014. The programme in Stuttgart includes additional qualification training for members of the police-force.

The presentation resulted in a high interest of Dublin police in the experience and best practice collected in Stuttgart. Specific elements of the Stuttgart training for members of police services could be transferred to training seminar in Dublin. After the meeting representatives from Stuttgart and Dublin agreed upon a closer cooperation. Catherine Morley, director of Exchange House, met with Jürgen Gruner from Stuttgart police during a visit to Stuttgart in July 2014. Members of Stuttgart Stop Initiative against domestic violence suggested first steps for a potential exchange of experience and bilateral training programme. A first meeting of police representatives from both cities is foreseen to take place in November 2014.

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