Verein Multikulturell - Tyrolean Integration Center Innsbruck, Austria

Founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization, Verein Multikulturell has had a strong cross cultural orientation since its inception. The main objectives are to promote professional, social and cultural of services, these include:

- multilingual education and career guidance for young migrants and their parents
- Job application training and interview coaching
- multilingual family counseling and psychotherapy
- Language and computer classes for adults and youngsters (certified by ÖIF)
- Intercultural/diversity seminars and training courses for multipliers
- Media workstation (radio, film, photography & creative writing workshops)
- International EU projects with several themes like VET, multilingual preschool education, adult learning, multimedia specifically making films and radio shows for migrants
- Organization of cultural events. The association promotes the social and professional skills of migrants in collaboration with the Government and other State institutions like the Chamber of Commerce, job centers, schools as well as social organizations and societies.

For several years Verein Multikulturell has been involved in a variety of projects. They have tremendous experience in designing and leading projects or taking up the active role of a transnational project partner.

Bruneckerstraße 2d/3.Stock, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Tel: +43-512-562929
Fax: +43-512-562929-20


ANUP-INTERNATIONAL (= Association of Romanian Popular Universities-International )

ANUP is an NGO created in 2006 as an organization specialized in European projects dealing with adult education. It derives from ANUP as a result of development and expertise in the field of European adult education. It works mainly with the largest structured network of adult education centers in Romania-ANUP-, both in urban and rural areas , which provide training and retraining courses for adults in order to enable them to adapt to the changing needs of the Romanian society. Popular universities are institutions of public interest which develop activities in vocational training for adults, young adults, in different domains of activities such as: foreign languages, computing, design, photography, public relations, marketing, etc, as well as courses dealing with personal development of the individual and cultural activities. ANUP-INTERNATIONAL maintains strong links to other networks and organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, working in the field of permanent education, such as: professional organizations, enterprises, working agencies at national and local level, in order to facilitate the integration of the adults on the labour market. From 1993 till now ANUP, as the grass root of ANUP-INTERNATIONAL, developed many European projects dealing with methodology of adult education under PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates programmes. The projects ANUP developed and ANUP-International continued are in the following domains: vocational taining, personal development and active citizenship, foreign languages promoting multilinguism, training of the trainers in adult education and vocational training, validation of non-formal and informal learning. All the projects promoted have been of great interest for the learners as for the trainers with a significant impact at the university level, encouraging the teachers from higher education to penetrate the world of adult education and helping them to acceed in European partnerships and training. Für Sunia Geel 2 ANUP International will work with Roma in rural areas in Romania.

Bd. N. Bălcescu nr. 18, Sector 1 Bucureşti, Romania
Tel: +40-021-3146637
Fax: +40-021-3140063